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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
11:55 am
"midwest is the midbest"
we have been to a lot of places since i last wrote in this. after la crosse this is what happened: madison > milwaukee > detroit > boston > newark.
so madison was awesome. there was a good amount of people at the show and we got to meet some cool dudes from omaha thta are in robots dont cry and caught in the fall, s well as hanging out with ted and james from fed by fiction, some real upstanding dudes. that night i partied a little too hard and from what i remember i was just hanging out then i blinked and i was sitting on the couch and everyone was asleep on the floor and it was light outside. teh next day was a nice and small drive to milwaukee, plus it was my birthday. i turned twenty two. when we got there we waited aroundfor this place palomino's to open because we heard they have some vegan food. well, let me tell you, it was one of the best meals i have ever had. vegan buffalo wings with vegan ranch sauce! deep fried dill pickles! vegan banana splits! chicken fried tofu! it was amazing. when we played that night the basement was filled with awesomeness. despite a kid who had been drinkin gsince ten in the morning who knocked my amp over, we had a good time. plus we got to hang out with the dudes from omaha again. teh next day we went to detroit and played a shit show for no one at this record store. but on the up side we hung out with a friend for a couple days there. she made us food and took us to her sisters graduation party where there was vegan food and she let us hang out at her house and do laundry and watch the simpsons and caddyshack. and we walked this trail that used to be a railroad tracks and wnt over a bridge then had fun throwing rockes at various debris. we had two days off so we decided to try and jump on a crucial unit show in pittsburgh. that didnt work out so we ended up driving all night to boston. we passed through eight states that day. we got to boston at about six in the morning and sang some boston songs. then woke up our friend joe from now denial and he let us sleep in his house. there is a place down the street from his house called spikes junkyard dogs and if you eat six hot dogs in under an hour and a half without vomiting you get a free t-shirt and your picture on the wall. jon tried to do it but fell about one and a half hot dogs short. the show that night was sweet. now denial is an awesome band. that night was sad though because we were leaving brian the next day so it was our last show with him. he sang a somewhat impromptu song called "i spent all last night with caesars buddy" at least i think that is the title. it was awesome. the whole time he was singing it i kept thinking about our drive to alaska. so we played in newark, delaware last night withsome awesome bands. on e band called the mini-band played all miniature instruments. and we hung out and drank and made food and were merry righ tnow we are staying at ben's house where the show was. that ben is a good guy. today we drive to philly, where we will eat good and hangout with some good dudes.
Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
2:00 pm
final border crossing
so, last time i remember writing in this was when we were broken down in whitehorse. well, we fixed the van with our own hands and then got the hell out of there. on the way we picked up two native kids that were gonna meet their family at their reservation in fort nelson. they were nice dudes and i am glad we gave them a chance. after driving forever we slept on the border of alberta and BC. for some reason the camping spot we picked out was super spooky and brian and i were afraid to go into the bathroom, but as per normal it was not spooky at all once the sun came out. we made the drive to edmonton and everyone got frustrated with everyone else because that town is a little confusing to get around if you have never been there and dont know where yuo are going. we ended up driving down a one way street and yelling ensued. but after a while we found the place and the show ended up being one of the best ones ever. we played with mach tiver and the wolfnote, all totally riteous dudes. i was a little pissed off that the sound guy screwed brian over by making his micraphones feed back constantly but sometimes that happens i guess. after the show wer all partied and it was good. in the morning (afternoon) we got our selves together and went to saskatoon. big thumbs down for saskatoon. that show was the lamest "north of 'forty-eights'" show we played. then we stayed at this dudes house who had air hockey and we watched the cartoons spider man and rocket robin hood. in the morning we had to part ways with mach tiver and it was sad, then we drove for about 26 hours to get to la crosse. crossing the border from manitoba into north dakota was without major incident excet that i wish we were still in the "Da", but here we are hanging out not too far from the mighty mississippi. the show last night was totally fun, and now we are hanging out at brian's friend brandon's house. he is a cool dude and he has an awesome dog. over and out.
Thursday, June 10th, 2004
8:51 pm
whitehorse vacuum of yukon territory
pepe didnt want to leave whitehorse, the lovely capital of yukon, the first time we passed through and he doesnt want to leave now either. we stopped in this morning to get the belts replaced because they were slipping and there was a miscommunication or two or three and we found ourselves without power stearing and our engine overheating, about thirty minutes out of town. we decided to go back to the mechanic and yell at him and he told us that we could come back tomorrow. and we basically said screw you. yeah so getting back over the border was no problem at all, and the drive through alaska was beautiful. we did stop by the road between the border and whitehorse for a little bit to sleep by this lake. after a short nap we were all woken up by mike who was sleeping in the drivers seat, saying "guys!" he had had a dream that he was driving , then woke up and saw a massive lake, and thought we were going to take a plunge. we all had a good uneasy laugh at that one.
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
9:25 am
after driving from fairbanks to anchorage, we were two blocks from the venue (this nice italian restaurant) this pulley falls out from the van and the van sounds weird so we pull over and some belts are all mixed up in our fan and we are pissed off, so we end up pushing the van to the venue. the show was awesome and everyone we met was super nice and way into supporting us monetarily for our trip back to "the fourty-eights," plus the band we played with (eu vasham) was totally badass. they rocked us very hard. and a dude named mack did spoken word that was humorous. after being thoroughly rocked out we said goodbye to pepe and told him we would pick him up in the morning to take him to the mechanic, then went and hung out with the supremely awesome anchorage dudes and dudettes. in the morning we took pepe to the mechanic (me and mike rode our bikes there because the tow truck could only take two people) and as it turned out the part that fell off was "useless". we also had the mechanic weld one of the hinges on teh back door because it was falling off. it didnt cost too much. awesome. then we gave pepe a new air filter and fuel filter. he is happy now. so anyway we went to bitoz and played and somehow it was even more awesome than the night before. mike and i broke five strings between us which was most heinous but whatever. a strange thing happened to us during our last song. a woman walked into the place and walked up to us during a quite part and started telling everyone that we didnt care about her family. it was crazy because that was the second time that a strange woman has started ranting during that part of our song. i felt really bad for her. the show was the same bands from the the previous night plus a band called we bring the crucial mosh. they were good. so now we are leaving anchorage and getting ready to drive fifty some odd hours to edmonton. bye bye anchorage.
Monday, June 7th, 2004
12:20 am
in alaska
so we are in alaska! let me try to close the gap between portland and now. the show in portland totally sucked. no on ewas there and the headlining dude left in the middle of the second bands set. lame. our friend josh did show up though, which was nice. in the morning we made pancakes and said goodbye to elliot and made our way to seattle. when we got to seattle we went to josh's house and he was totally cooking us a radical and tubular three course meal. it was amazing. we played at the pumpkin house with onda, brian and this other band called two a day that was kind of weird. all in all it was pretty fun. then the next four days were kindof a blur. we had a little trouble at the canadian border because not everyone brought proper identification, but once we got through wer turned nto road warriors and drove for thirty six hours straight only stopping for food and gas. i still dont really know how we did it but we are alive so who cares, right? finally we decided we needed to get some proper rest so we stopped at a spot and camped out. at one point we found a bumper sticker that said "i drove the alaskan highway." so we bought it. then we found another bumpersticker that said "i drove the alaskan highway bothways DAMMIT!" and knowing full well that we didnt want stay in alaska we totally bought that one too. here are some things that we saw on the highway: 13 moose, 2 sasquatches, 4 bald eagles, 11 bears, 1 bison, sweet forests, sweet lakes, radical snow covered mountains. at one point when we came up on a lake we got out and stretched our laegs and found an evil wizards sceptor/staff/wand that jon now uses to strike his gong. i have heard the song "this land is your land..." played on the banjo many times because we dont have a radio. i will now take this chance to say that pepe, our van, is totally amazing. he is a real trooper. so last night when we pulled into fairbanks we went to the place we were supposed to play at the following day to hang out, and there was totally a drag show going on. it was awesome, i never in my life thought that i would hang out in a bar in fairbanks that was having a gay/drag night. so we partied pretty hard, needless to say and mike ended up sleeping on the roof of the van. the next day (today) we got slurpies. then we played at the underground and it was a pretty radical experience. everyone seemed to be either into us or into brian or both and i have a feeling that fairbanks doesnt get a lot of touring bands coming through. so we are staying at a house for the first time in about a weekand we are totally stoked. i am gonna take a shower then go to bed. tomorrow is anchorage. i cant believe we are in alaska, the son hasnt set and it 12:40 at night
Monday, May 31st, 2004
7:14 pm
california is totally sweet
hey gang, so today is the thirty-first. i will try and make this a chronological account. we started tour on the twenty sixth in riverside, CA at this meditteranean restaurant with wilmot proviso as per normal, a band from toronto called mach tiver, and a band from athens called this scared me. they were both awesome bands ad standup citizens it totally sucked though because we played shitty because me and mike had had a few, if you know what i mean. fritz made us dinner before the show which made us all feel good, canceling out the crappy set which made us sad. the next night was with mach tiver and this scares me again in long beach at koos. they ruled my ears again and again. it was a fun show despite the lack of audience and there was a small amount of football horse play which was nice. we spent the night at brians moms house and she woke him up by pouring cold water on his crotch because we left some del taco trash in the kitchen. then we left to go to goleta. hanging out with mach tiver was sweet because they are cool bigenderband. mike made me say that last part. goleta was fun. we played with this scares me again. it has been nice to play with bands whos members are not all male because as we all know the "scene" is totally dominated by the male guy guys. so anyway we went up to santa cruz to play and hang out and that show was off the heez. chiclet confetta is the band we played with and they kicked my ass all over the place. they were awesome. and nice folks, really nice. it was way fun playing there and hanging out with the cool gang. then we drove forever to get to olympia, one of the shittiest places to play if you are us. one thing that was awesome is that the venue that we played at was sectioned off as three rooms, we played in the back and thirty people that were in the other rooms left while we were playing, because we were too loud. take that olympia! we camped out at a koa then drove to portland or as mike likes to call it porchland because we are currently under a porch digging for buried money. we are gonna play tonight then think more about going to alaska. bye bye.
Sunday, May 16th, 2004
7:28 pm
so we are totally going on tour up to alaska then accross canada back into the US and through the south back to california. its very exciting...to us. yeah so here are the tentative tour dates:
May 27th-Long Beach, CA @ Koo's Cafe w/ Mach Tiver
May 28th-goleta
May 29th-bay area...
May 30th-arcata, ca
May 31st-bend. or
June 1st-Seattle, WA
June 2nd-Vancouver, BC
June 3rd-Prince George, BC
June 4th-day off
June 5th-day off
June 6th-Fairbanks, AK
June 7th-Anchorage, AK
June 8th-Anchorage, AK
June 9th-day off
June 10th-day off
June 11th-day off
June 12th-Edmonton, AB w/Mach Tiver, The Wolfnote
June 13th-Saskatoon, SK w/Mach Tiver
June 14th-Winnipeg, MB
June 15th-La Crosse, WI
June 16th-Madison, WI @ The Owl Sanctuary w/Caught In The Fall, Robots Dont Cry!
June 17th-Milwaukee, WI @ 2427 N. Pierce w/Render By Phrase
June 18th-Detroit, MI
June 19th-Dayton, OH @ Cannon Art Collective w/Gun Medal Grey
June 20th-Buffalo, NY
June 21st-Boston, MA
june 22nd-new york, NY
june 23rd- allentown, pa
june 24th- new jersey
june 25th - critical mass
june 26th- wedding w/this is the hardest thing (for the rest)
june 27th-philadelphia
june 28th- somerset, ky w/movement three
june 29th- little rock, ar
june 30th- tulsa, ok
june 31st- houston
july 1st- austin
july 2nd- el paso
july 3rd- phoenix
july 4th- southern ca
july 5th-southern ca
july 6th- southern ca
july 7th- bakersfield
july 8th-home
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